Quality Drives Us not the Quantity


Quality Statement

Our production and sales process of instant coffee is ISO 22000-2005 (Food Safety Management System) certified. This Quality Management system is not just a satisfaction, but a commitment.

We emphasize the importance of keeping these certificates valid, as well as the dedication,showed by our Company's team regarding the Integrated Management Systems.

Our quality Control and Production Departments assure the highest standards for hygiene and the customer's quality parameters during the entire manufacturing process.

Vayhan constantly endeavours to provide products of the highest quality in a globally benchmarked delivery background which ensures customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty on a consistent basis.

Enriching quality is a culture

At Vayhan Coffee Limited, we believe quality is not achieved overnight; it is an active continuous process of every production cycle.Our experts love their job,not for materialistic benefits but for delivering quality assured cup of coffee every day. This is the reason why Quality Management system at Vayhan is not just a satisfaction, but a commitment.

Quality analysis at every stage is carried on chronologically